Discover Prostate Massage Milking

Why is prostate massage milking important and are there any health benefits to it? If you’ve been struggling with this question then the following is bound to share some light.

The prostate is a sexual gland that is composed of tiny structures called acini, or sacs. These sacs are responsible for the production and storage of seminal fluid. Over time, if you lead an unhealthy or inactive lifestyle, the fluid inside can become stagnant, leading to the increased growth of bacteria. The problem can become further aggravated if the acini becomes inflamed and the sacs seal up. This is because the bacteria will continue to build up without reliable avenue for dispersal.

As more acini cells close themselves off, the prostate gland will start to swell. Eventually, the persistent build up will lead to pain and sexual/ urinary problems. When this happens, people will need to see the doctor.

The advantage of regularly massaging the prostate is that it supplies the acini cells in the prostate with fresh new blood. The regular flow of new blood ensures that you are able to pass the accumulated of seminal fluid that has been collecting in the acini cells. Proper prostate massage milking also helps the prostate to rid itself of harmful bacteria so that the prostate can start to heal itself.

But that’s not the only benefit of a prostate massage. Stimulating the prostate gland will also release the seminal fluid trapped in your prostate without exercising the prostate muscles which cause ejaculation. That emptying relieves you of the desire to ejaculate reducing your random horniness.

The way you go about a prostate massage will depend on your goal. Medical prostate massages are commonly performed using a lube finger. However, if you want to try your hand at prostate massage milking, the best way to do it is with an anal toy specially devised for the job such as the Aneros Helix of the Naughty Boy. Using a toy like the Aneros, will provide the right amount of sexual stimulation and leave your hands free for other forms of sexual foreplay.