Prostate Massage Orgasm - Powerful orgasms from prostate massage

ID Glide Lube 9.5ozIt’s no secret that a prostate massage orgasm is one of the most satisfying sexual experiences that a man can have. Although it can be done with a lubed latex glove, the fingers actually fall a little short of providing the best orgasm. The best way of enjoying a male G-spot orgasm is to use a sex toy. Of course, it’ll help if you know how to go about this correctly.

If you’ve already performed all the pre-session formalities of urinating, having a bowel movement and scrubbing yourself nice and clean, then you are more than ready for a prostate massage. The next step will be to lube up your anal sex toy. You can choose to use a small toy or a larger one if you enjoy the sensation of being full. Whatever you use, because your anus produces no natural lube of its own, it needs to be properly lubed. Also make sure there are no sharp edges and the device you use is smooth all the way round. It should also be easy to disinfect after use.

The best method of entry is to get down on all fours and slowly insert the toy or drumstick - a sex toy is obviously safest and best because it is designed to massage the prostate and will not venture further up the rectum.

Inhale as you insert. Breathing is an important part of prostate massage orgasm because you need to create oxygen for the nerves you are massaging. The prostate gland is a sensitive organ located two inches inside towards the stomach.

You should be aroused before beginning. It is easier to find the prostate because the prostate expands when pleasured. Once you’ve located your prostate, you can then gently begin to apply pressure on the gland through the wall of the rectum. Use a downward movement you will start to feel the powerful sensations.

The prostate orgasm is a highly sensual experience that is guaranteed to blow you away. At the same time, it will help to prevent the buildup of semen in the prostate gland thus cleansing it and improving circulation and actually makes masturbation unnecessary! Always massage gently and don't try it more than three times a week.