Prostate Massage Techniques

Prostate massage techniques can either be practiced alone or with a partner. Obviously there is more fun to be had with a partner, but both techniques are going to give you a powerful sexual thrill. Solo massage techniques can be done either with your fingers or with a prostate massager such as the Mangasm range of massagers.

There are various ways to insert a Mangasm prostate stimulor, but probably the easiest method is to get down on all fours, lubricate the Mangasm anal toy and your anus with plenty of water-based lube before gently introducing the massager. This prostate massage technique is the easiest way because the position naturally stretches the opening to the anus making insertion easier and yet you can still retain good control of the massager.

If you are lucky enough to have a partner with whom you can practice your prostate stimulation technique then you can attempt the sensual approach of face to face contact. You lie back on pillows and straddle your legs either side of your partner giving easy access to your anus. This way you can both watch each other carefully, building up close harmony as the fingers or massager is inserted. It's a very intimate way to share this kind of massage.

Prostate massage techniques are best practiced after you have already become sexually aroused, because this makes you much more receptive to the massage to follow. If you are with a partner you might be lucky enough to be given a blowjob before starting, which will put you in the mood for further exploration.

Whichever prostate massage techniques you decide to try, make sure you feel comfortable, always remember and to focus on your breathing during the massage as it helps to produce oxygen which fires up your sexual organs as the massage is underway, adding greatly to the pleasure.