Prostate Massager - The benefits of prostate massage

Aneros HelixThe Aneros Helix is manufactured out of a medical grade non porous plastic known as Acetal which simultaneously massages the prostate and the perineum hands free via contractions of the PC muscles. This massaging effect upon the prostate creates rhythmic pressure, and it is this gentle pressure that stimulates the prostate, resulting in the gland swelling and producing seminal fluid.

The massaging actions of the Aneros Helix produces highly sensual pleasure sensations, especially when combined with massaging the perineum, the small cluster of nerves located between the testicles and the anus. The Aneros Helix is a highly effective prostate massager with a sharply angled stem and a large bulbous head that delivers superior pivoting action to provide a thorough prostate massage. The Helix also has a flatter head which provides more direct contact with the prostate.

The Aneros Helix was designed to make prostate massage easy and quickly enjoyable for both new and experienced anal sex play enthusiasts. As well as stimulating the perineum area, the device can also be used to improve prostate health, particularly in middle aged men, by stimulating blood flow to the sexual organs, and ridding the prostate of any build up of potentially harmful bacteria. A prostate massager is also said to revive a flagging male libido as the prostate is responsible for the flow of seminal fluid.

These powerful claims have attracted thousands of men to want to try prostate massage for themselves, and many have reported favorable results. The prostate, perineum, and anal sphincter all hold important roles in sexual orgasms. The patented, innovative design of the Aneros Prostate Massager simultaneously stimulates these zones to create intense, dry multiple orgasms.