Prostate Milking for health and pleasure

Prostate Milking with Mangasm toysTo appreciate the benefits of male G-spot orgasms, it helps to understand how the prostate works. The prostate gland is about the size of a walnut. The cells within the prostate are therefore understandably very small indeed. They are tiny structures known as acini cells, or sacs. As men age it is possible for the prostate to become lazy in its daily functions. Over time, if you lead an inactive lifestyle, the seminal fluid inside the prostate can become stagnant or unhealthy and this combination of stagnant blood and trapped seminal fluid causes the prostate to swell. It's at this point that some guys begin to feel pain, or difficulty in urination.

The solution is prostate milking. Prostate milking? That's right, if you massage your prostate two or three times a month you will start to notice a significant improvement in your overall health, and overcome problems such as erectile dysfunction and problems with urination.

In fact massaging (or milking) the prostate is not nearly as off putting as it may sound, and the actual experience can be extremely pleasurable. The best way to attempt prostate milking is with a specially designed prostate massager such as the Mangasm.

By inserting the smooth silicone, purpose designed Mangasm into you anus (use plenty of water based lube both on the Mangasm and your anus) you will feel the prostate as a small bump in the rectum wall towards the root of your penis. The head of the prostate massage will then start to milk your prostate by applying gentle pressure to it. Seminal fluid will drain itself through your penis, and this sensation is extremely sensual.

The advantage of regular milking the prostate regularly is that is supplies the acini cells in the prostate with fresh new blood which revitalizes the entire reproductive organs. Once the prostate can rid itself of harmful bacteria it can start to heal itself. It's both a great way to maintain good health, and a pleasurable way to explore your sexuality as well as those amazing male prostate orgasms.