Prostate Orgasm - Aiming for your first 'Super O'

The Super O - for menAre you looking for an amazing sexual experience? Reach for the prostate. The prostate is sometimes known as the male g-spot; the sexual hot spot for men, located just two inches inside the anus to the front of the body. It's a walnut sized gland just under the bladder. It cannot be touched directly, but it can be pressed and stroked gently through the delicate wall of the rectum.

Applying gentle pressure to the prostate while simultaneously massaging the perineum will result in some of them most intense sensation a man can have. A prostate orgasm, once achieved, is unforgettable. It is the male equivalent of the female multiple orgasms, and unlike ejaculatory orgasm from the penis, does not involve ejaculation.

Most men require simultaneous massage of the prostate and the perineum to reach these giddy heights. Sex toys such as the Rude Boy or the Naughty Boy are designed for the specific job of massaging both at the same time, hands free and relying on the contractions of the sphincter muscles to provide the amazing male orgasmic experience. This then leaves your hands free to explore yourself or a partner as you experience a range of powerful sensations.

The things to remember with prostate massage are plenty of water based lube and plenty of good hygiene care before and after your session. Even though you can't see it, there are potentially harmful bacteria that will settle on your lubed fingers or sex toys so always make sure that you disinfect them after play.

Prostate orgasm is especially powerful because it involves thousands of nerve endings being stimulated at the same time. These include the prostate, the perineum and the entrance to the anus. This whole area really is the nerve center of your sexual anatomy being fully stimulated in harmony, and if you are using a hands free prostate massager you can still enjoy playing with your penis, although you will find masturbatory sex at the same time as enjoying a prostate orgasm to be unnecessary.’

With all the potential pleasure in store only inches away, it is certainly exploring.