Prostate Stimulate - Prostate massage for health and pleasure

There's nothing remotely new about prostate stimulate sessions, they have been around for over 30,000 years, however for each man that decides to try this form of sexual exploration, it is a uniquely new discovery.


Prostate stimulate, when properly applied, can be one of the most satisfying sexual experiences a man can have. The sensations are even more powerful than normal penile orgasm and can last much longer, sweeping over in waves. Additionally prostate stimulate has the bonus of actually being good for health.


As men mature, the prostate is apt to become sluggish and underperform. This is especially true when the day to day life is sedentary and at the same time, too stressful for regular sex. This results in a build up of stagnant blood and seminal fluid becoming caught in the acini cells.


Regular prostate stimulate gets the prostate firing on all cylinders by releasing the stagnant build up of blood and seminal fluid, and by encouraging fresh blood supply. This in turn sparks up the whole male reproductive system, with the potential to improve erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Prostate stimulate can also improve urination too.


The easiest way to discover the pleasure and benefit of prostate stimulate is with a specifically designed prostate massager such as the Aneros, or the Naughty Boy or Rude Boy. All these devices are capable of massaging not only the prostate, but also the perineum, the cluster of nerve endings located between the anus and testicles. Such devices are safe to use because they will stray no further inside the anal orifice than the first two inches or so, as they are designed purely for prostate stimulate.


What's more, these devices can massage hands free, relying purely on the contractions of the sphincter muscles to provide a slow and steady downward stroking motion in the rectum, pressing gently against the prostate.


Whether for sexual satisfaction or health benefits, it's well worth taking the time to explore prostate stimulate.