Prostate Stimulation - Putting the pep back in your prostate

Your prostate needs stimulation in order to perform at an optimal level. With a sedentary lifestyle, too much time spent at a desk, not enough time running around getting fresh air, the prostate slows down and stops working as efficiently. Stagnant blood and unused seminal fluid start to clog up the little acini cells, and if it can't move on, the prostate becomes enlarged.

Prostate stimulation is best done with a tool designed for the job. You happily use an appropriate tool to hammer a nail or screw a hole in the wall, so it makes sense to use an appropriate tool to massage the male Gspot.

The most practical for this type of stimulation is a prostate massager such as the Aneros Helix. There are an increasing number of massagers on the market for prostate stimulation, but this is the market leader, and is medically researched and made of medical grade non porous plastic.

If you want to try stimulating the prostate on your own, spend half an hour researching on the subject. The web is filled with articles and videos containing most of what you need to know. The basics are simple. You’ll need to put aside your squeamishness about placing a prostate massager in your anus, use plenty of water based lube, urinate and make a bowel movement so as to be clean and comfortable before you begin. It’ll also help if you breathe deeply as you stimulate so as to create oxygen around the blood cells of the prostate.

Should you feel a lot of pain or discomfort while practicing prostate stimulation does not continue. You may want to check with a doctor that all is ok before you try again. If you massage the prostate correctly, you’ll experience powerful sensations of sexual pleasure without discomfort, and at the same time regenerate a gland that may have been underperforming. Some practitioners strongly recommend regular prostate massages for any man over 40 years of age.

And remember.

Always go gentle and play safe.