Getting the max from Prostate Stimulation Toys

Prostate massagers are used to stimulate the male G-spot, known as the prostate. In order to reach and stimulate the male G-spot, you can glove-up and insert your carefully lubed finger into your anus, or better still, use a specially designed anal sex toy.

Before you decide to try a prostate stimulation toy, make sure you get ready, first by urinating and having a bowel movement. After that, the best way to get clean is with an anal douche. These are readily available online for just a few dollars. You fill the douche with warm soapy water and it cleans out your anus quickly and comfortably.

To give yourself a prostate massage you need to first lube up your anal prostate tool. It's important to use lube because the anus has no lubrication of its own, and your risk getting the toy stuck very uncomfortably in your anus if you do not use quality water based lube. The device you use should be completely smooth with no sharp or jagged edges, and you must always disinfect your prostate stimulation toys after use.

Before you start to insert the anal sex toy, be sure to get yourself aroused, this can be done by whichever means turns you on, and if you have a partner even better. The more turned on you are, the easier it is to enjoy prostate massage. Once you're ready, get down on all fours and slowly insert the butt sex toy and inhale - focus on your breathing. Breathing is an important part of prostate massage because you need to create oxygen for the nerves you are massaging. The prostate gland is a sensitive organ located two inches inside towards the stomach.

Once the prostate stimulation toy is inside your anus you should start to feel a wonderful pressure on your prostate along the wall of the rectum. By using a careful downward movement you will start to feel the powerful sensations. Always massage gently and don't try a massage more than three times a week.