Prostate Stimulator - Step by step prostate stimulation

Mangasm ElectroIf you want to try a completely new and exciting way to stimulate yourself and fire up your sex life, the hottest way is not via the penis, but via the prostate, the walnut sized gland located inside your anus. It's the male G-spot, and here's how it's done:

1. First you need to wash the prostate stimulator thoroughly with warm soapy water and dry it before using it. This is necessary in order to prevent bacteria from collecting on the device and from spreading germs inside your anus.

2. It's important, in fact essential; to generously lubricate your anal opening and the prostate stimulator with water based lube before attempting to insert it. This is because the anus has no natural lubricant of its own and you do not want the device to get stuck in there!

3. Once you are ready - and by ready it means you should have urinated and made a bowel movement first - and of course cleaned yourself afterwards, relax and insert the male gspot toy slowly into your rectum, using firm, yet gentle pressure until it is completely in place. Take your time. Allow the odd sensation of having a foreign object in your anus subside, then use the prostate stimulator to rub your prostate gland in small, very gentle downward strokes for no more than 5 or 6 minutes. If you feel pain or discomfort, do not continue.

4. As you use the male prostate toy you may feel an intense urge to urinate or experience a strong erection. You may also release some prostatic fluid as the prostate gland receives stimulation and the juices start flowing. Do not be alarmed, these reactions are totally normal during prostate stimulation.

5. Once you have finished your session it is vital to disinfect the device as invisible bacteria can be spread. Another way to overcome this problem is by using a condom placed over the sex toy. This speeds up the cleanup process however, you will still have to wash and dry the toy after you’re done.