Prostate Toy - Exploring the latest prostate toys

Adam and Eve prostate stimulatorMore prostate toys and massagers are coming onto the market all the time as sex toy stores both in the high street and online are enjoying unprecedented sales of this type of sex toy for men. Here are some of the new market entries:


Aneros Progasm Ice Prostate Massager
This prostate toy has a cool icy look and is one of the more advanced products in the Aneros range. The Progasm Ice has a large head for maximum pleasure and is specially crafted from rigid, FDA approved plastic, each with its own individually formed air bubbles.


Scorpion's Tail Vibrating Prostate Massager
The unique shape of the Scorpion's Tail provides intense pleasure and the multi-function vibrations are all pin-pointed towards the prostate. When you slide this prostate toy inside, the head will rest directly upon the prostate from within the rectum wall, whilst the curved shaft stimulates the anus. With two buttons, this massager can be switched on and changed to any of the 10 vibrating functions.


Lelo BOB Luxury Prostate Massager
BOB is a luxury prostate toy from the upmarket Swedish sex toy designer, Lelo. Designed to be a part pleasure object, and part work of art, BOB is sculpted to provide powerful sensations to the prostate and deliver an unforgettable anal massage. The attached ring offers both security and control for individuals and couples during play. Lelo Bob is designed for newcomers to anal stimulation, or as a discreet companion for the more experienced user.


Aneros Peridise Anal Toy
This sleek simple, prostate toy uses the body's natural contractions to deliver powerful sensations to the prostate.


Adam & Eve Vibrating Pro 5 Prostate Massage Vibrator
The vibrating Pro 5 has powerful vibrations delivered to the tip of stem. It's a waterproof prostate toy that is easy to use thanks to a one-touch controller, and can be used safely even in the shower. There are 5 speeds of vibration direct to the prostate - the male G-spot.