Prostate Toy: Buyer’s Guide for Beginners

If you’ve been shopping for sex toys in the last couple years, especially if you do your shopping online, you’ve probably run across a number of prostate massage toys. At first, a lot of straight men overlook these phallic looking toys assuming that they are just for gay men. But the word is starting to get around about prostate toys and they’re becoming increasingly popular with straight guys despite the fact that they require anal penetration.


If you haven’t caught wind of the new trend yet, here are the basics. Prostate massage is a technique for boosting male pleasure and improving sexual health. The practice has been around for hundreds of years, but it’s always been a bit of a taboo. With the help of the internet and the sexual awakening of the modern age, prostate massage is starting to get some widespread recognition.


The prostate massage technique involves using a prostate toy to stimulate the male prostate. Stimulation is achieved by rubbing the prostate gland through the lower wall of the rectal cavity. A prostate toy needs to be anally inserted so that the bulbous head of the toy will rest on the prostate and rub against it gently.


A prostate massage has a number of positive effects on the male body. First of all, it’s pleasurable in and of itself. More noticeably, it causes the semen-producing function of the prostate to kick into overdrive, resulting in “wetter” and therefore more satisfying orgasms. Over a longer period of time, massaging the prostate regularly has some addition benefits such as improving sexual stamina and sensitivity. In other words, it makes all your sex that much better.


If you go shopping for a prostate toy, you’ll see that there are is a crazy amount of options available. It can be hard to be sure that what you’re buying is going to give you the results that you want. Here are a few tips for picking out your first prostate massage toy.


Your best bet is to find a prostate massage toy that is specifically oriented for beginners. Good examples include things like the Aneros MGX or the Mangasm Alpha, available from These toys are not too big but not too small, and they have all the right features to make prostate massage as easy and straightforward as it possibly can be.


Toys that you should avoid would be any toy that seems especially large. When it comes to anal play, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Using large toys is something that should only be done by those who are already experienced in anal play. Don’t be worried that a small toy won’t be able to hit the prostate effectively. The prostate isn’t too far inside the body, so you don’t need a big toy to hit it.


Those two simple rules should be a good starting point for buying a prostate massage toy. Enjoy exploring the pleasures of the prostate!