How to find pleasure with a prostate toy

There are plenty of people who are interested and excited about using a prostate toy. They, like you, have heard about all of the wonderful things that can happen when a toy is properly used to stimulate the prostate gland—the most important of which is the male G-spot orgasm. Understanding the physical reasons for these enhanced orgasms is important, but knowing how to develop a proper technique will go a longer way in providing you the experience you are looking for.

In this article you will learn two things:

1. Why the prostate toy can provide such pleasure

2. How to use your preferred anal toy for maximum enjoyment

When you first learned about the prostate massage, you were probably encouraged to use lubricant, a latex glove, and your finger. While this can indeed help you find the prostate and learn how to milk it for maximum pleasure, it is certainly not the last word in prostate stimulation. Moving on to using a toy can actually enhance the pleasure significantly.

When you stimulate the prostate, you cause an increase in the production of seminal fluid. This increased quantity of fluid will the combine with the sperm released from your testicles during orgasm. Continuing to apply a mild pressure to the prostate throughout the orgasm will also increase the pleasure, longevity, and force of the prostate induced orgasm.

It is not uncommon for men using prostate stimulation to experience orgasms that last upwards of two minutes. They also report an increased volume of fluid, and a force that is unparalleled. Many male adult film stars use prostate stimulation to cause the sort of cum shot that is often required in a good pornographic film. Now that you know their secrets, and why the process works, let’s dive in and learn about finding the best type of stimulation.

Since you have already been using your finger, you know where your prostate is. This walnut-sized gland can easily be stimulated with the finger, but the process of manually stimulating the penis while reaching the gland can be difficult. Using a prostate toy, with its proper shape for the male anatomy, actually makes the process far easier.

First, be sure to apply liberal amounts of lubrication. This will make penetration easier. Once the toy is inside, you will notice that the shape of the toy applies the right amount of pressure to the prostate gland. This is something that most guys are surprised to learn about. When using your finger, you have to “push” against the gland in order to experience any pleasure. With a toy, the simple act of inserting it is often enough to stimulate the prostate properly.

Using a toy is far safer than using your finger. It can be easy to get carried away with the pressure when using your finger, which can result in damage to the sensitive prostate gland. You can avoid this by using a toy. Instead of having to apply significant amounts of pressure to increase the sensation, you can instead apply a light and moderate amount of pressure. It is safer, and it also produces an orgasm that is far more powerful than when you simply use your finger.

One of the things that most guys don’t want to hear is that “bigger is better” when it comes to these toys. Due to the nature of the constrictions of the muscles in the perineum, it is true that having a larger object in the anus will increase the positive sensations of the orgasm.

Thankfully, most of these toys are designed for proper insertion and girth, meaning you get a great experience. Grab a toy and give it a try, and if you are a new comer start with something small like the Mangasm alpha.