Using Prostate Toys for the Ultimate Orgasm

A lot of guys are interested in the prostate orgasm, and they learn that using prostate toys is the best way to achieve them. But there is a lot of social stigma and fear associated with turning to these toys for pleasure of any kind. The best thing that you can understand is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing something for yourself that will provide more pleasure than you can imagine, especially when it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

In this article, you will learn the following:

1. How to find the prostate toys that are right for you
2. How to properly use that toy for the ultimate male orgasm
3. How to introduce prostate play to your partner

The first thing that you should do, before even getting yourself a toy, is learn how to find and stimulate your prostate with your finger. Learning to do this will give you the experience necessary to overcome any fear you may have. If you are already at this point, and you are prepared to move on to experiencing a toy that will really provide the pleasure you want, then read the rest of this article for the tips needed to get started.

Identifying the right toy is the first thing that you should do. Ask yourself how comfortable you are using your finger. If you have already used two fingers in the process, then you know that your anus is capable of comfortably accepting a rather wide girth. Using a proper toy can help to even out the insertion and result in a much more pleasurable experience.

The best toy for the nervous newcomer is called the Mangasm Alpha. This toy is designed to work with the male anatomy for easy stimulation of the prostate, but it is also designed for easy insertion. Use a lot of lubricant to make it even easier to get it in there, and you will be experiencing orgasms far beyond the intensity you achieve with your finger. When you get to this point, you may hesitate. Don’t! Simply relax, lube up, and get ready for something that will really blow your mind.

Using the toy properly is important. You don’t need to use a lot of force or pressure when using one of these toys, which makes it safer than using your fingers. There is a minor risk of damaging the prostate when using too much force, which is why you should get away from using your fingers as soon as possible. When using a toy, the design and shape will allow for proper filling of the anal cavity and pressure on the prostate without the need for excessive force.

When you get your first prostate toys, you will likely be excited. Over time, though, you will become used to the stimulation, and you may want to move onto some advanced toys.

They can provide a variation in the experience, and you might want to consider toys that also provide enhanced external stimulation (through the perineum). There are also toys that vibrate, and even a few that use mild electrical pulses to enhance the experience. If you want your partner to get in on the act, you just need to ask. There are many articles on this site that help you in introducing the use of these toys to your normal sexual forays towards the male G-spot orgasm.

When you are ready to do this, just ask! Your partner will probably be turned on by the increased intimacy that comes with using these toys. Having several prostate toys will help to make each session exciting.