Adult Anal Toys for Guys and Girls


You may not have realized this, but there is a revolution taking place in the world of adult anal toys. At one time, only women who were willing to experiment sexually were regular users of anal toys. Gay men were the number two purchaser of these toys. But in recent times, there has been an explosion in the amount of knowledge related to prostate stimulation, and more and more straight guys are using these toys to enhance the quality of their orgasm. So, what are the different types of anal toys and which is best for you?

In this article, you will be able to discover:

1. Whether or not butt plugs are the right toys for you
2. How anal beads can be the best orgasm sex toys for both partners
3. Whether or not you need adult anal toys designed for prostate stimulation

Of course, everyone has heard of the butt plug. Even the most conservative person has at least heard of this term, but do you really know what these toys are? They tend to have a narrow tip, a wider middle section that tapers off to a base that includes a round foot. This section prevents the toy from being fully engulfed by the anus.

When you use this toy, the purpose is to stimulate the ass in two ways. The first is by gently stretching the sphincter, which feels good for both men and women. This toy also helps to fill the anal cavity, which can result in heightened sexual feelings as the entire perineum contracts and constricts during intercourse. This toy is generally used by women, although some men may enjoy it, too.

Anal beads are another toy that have been popular for some time. You can pick them up in any sex shop, either online or in the real world. These toys resemble very large pearls attached with a string, although there are some novelty designs out there. The author has seen (and used) a set of beads shaped like skulls during a sex party.

These toys help to stimulate the ass by repeatedly stretching the sphincter. They are inefficient at providing the fulfillment that comes with an anal cavity filled by a butt plug, but with enough determination, they can provide this as well. These male g-spot stimulators are popular with women, and it is common practice to pull them out slowly as the woman approaches orgasm. Some women may cum simply by having the beads slowly pulled out, as hard as that may be to believe.

The final type of toy that you should know of is the prostate stimulator. This toy is designed with the anatomy of the male in mind. This toy is to be inserted into the anus, where the bulbous tip will stimulate the prostate gland. Doing so will result in an excess build up of seminal fluid, which will combine with the sperm during orgasm.

Providing this build up of fluid results in three things: an increased orgasm, a more powerful orgasm, more force to the “shot.” These are all the result of prostate pressure. Providing a gentle and steady pressure during the orgasm can also help to extend the time of the orgasm, as well as causing the cum to shoot out with more force, as the prostate is pressed into a smaller size, forcing each spurt of semen to evacuate the gland with more force.

When you decide that you are ready to purchase adult anal toys, buy them from an online vendor, preferably the same one who manufactures them, and make sure you receive discreet shipping options for your own privacy.