Performing a Self Prostate Massage

Self prostate massagingFor those willing to learn how to do it correctly and safely a prostate massage can produce some of the amazing thrills. It results in a longer and richer orgasmic experience. Before attempting self stimulation, it is vital to note that the prostate is a delicate gland. This is made even more important by the fact that the prostate is not an external organ. It's responsible for the production of seminal fluid and is located within the pelvic region, just under the bladder.

Because of its location, the prostate cannot be accessed directly. It can however be felt through the lining of the rectal wall. Before you begin a self massage you may want to urinate and empty your bowel. It is also a good idea to get nice and clean, preferably with an anal douche filled with warm soapy water. This will not only make you feel a lot more relaxed but also more confident as you probe with your fingers.

Before you start your massage, make sure your nails are trimmed with no sharp edges, and then put on a latex glove. Apply plenty of water based lube to your anus and to the glove then get in the position you find most comfortable to insert your finger in your ans. Don't rush self prostate massage, allow your anus time to get used to the feeling of being probed. You can start with pushing the pad of your finger against the anus.

As you insert the finger, make sure it is with your palm facing upward so that your finger can assume a 'come here' gesture on the prostate. You will feel the prostate as a bump two inches inside toward the root of the penis. As you apply gentle pressure on the prostate you will feel highly pleasurable sensations. You can continue with the self prostate massage by pressing and then releasing. With the right amount of pressure, this will end with you erupting with a full male G-spot orgasm. You should be able to feel two lobes on the prostate and it is ok to press gently on these, but not on the center containing thousands of sensitive nerves.

If you feel pain or discomfort during the session, stop the session and consider having a medical check up to ensure all is well.