Sex Toy Secrets

Most guys - even married guys - even if they can rely on a regular supply of one on one sex, like a little variety, and often continue to masturbate in private. So for many, the safest option is to stash a sex toy somewhere in a closet or chest of drawers for those times when nothing is happening, or when the wife or girlfriend has gone out shopping.


The choice of sex toy depends largely on the circumstances, but for the attached guy who does not want to share his sex toy secrets with his partner; it has to be something discreet. For this guy the best option is a pocket pussy or a penis sleeve. This type of sex toy can be easily hidden or snuck into the bathroom for a private session.


The larger realistic vagina sex toys, which can sometimes weigh over 16lbs, and are made to scale, are for the unattached guy who can keep his sex toy at the back of the closet and freely use it without fear of getting caught. This is not a sex toy you can be happily humping when you hear the front door open, because its bulk prevents quick concealment.


Talking of concealment, many guys make the Fleshlight their sex toy of choice. Not because it is particularly small, but because it is designed to look like a flashlight, and to the casual observer it could pass for one. Of course, following the massive success of the Fleshlight, there is a very real possibility that the problem is now reversed. People see an innocent flashlight and assume it is a Fleshlight, and start opening it up trying to find the love sleeve.


Another extremely popular sex toy that can be easily concealed and give outstanding deep throat blowjob satisfaction is the Autoblow Blast, the full automatic blowjob machine. The only slight danger with this toy is to be given away by the noise it makes.


One of the easiest toys to conceal which can stimulate full body orgasms if used in the right way is the Mangasm range of anal sex toys. These sex toys are not bigger than a cork screw and can be easily hidden. Men that have used them claim they have had the most intense orgasms of their lives.