The new breed of Sex Stimulator toys for men

Fleshloght JenaSex stimulator toys used to be strictly for the girls, but now manufacturers have started to realize that quality sex stimulator toys for guys can be top sellers too. So within the past five years we have seen a massive surge in the amount of products available to men. And even the sex stimulator toys that have been around for decades have had to smarten up their act and become more sophisticated.


One such example is cock rings. Cock rings have been around since biblical times, and they help a guy to improve and maintain his erection, but in truth they were more stimulating for the woman than the guy when it came to lovemaking. Now, with the addition of clip on vibrators, the tired old cock ring can be an amazing sex stimulator with or without making love.


The love doll is another example. This was a cheap plastic blow up sex toy with a poorly made love tunnel. Competition from pocket pussies and realistic vaginas has forced the love doll to get a whole lot better. Now they have quality vagina and anus entry holes, and often the mouth can be used as well. There are also powerful sex stimulator effects provided by the vibrating love bullet.


One of the hottest new sex toys for men that are rapidly becoming a top sex stimulator in terms of sales is the prostate massager. As many guys have discovered, this is the male g-spot for men, the most stimulating part of the male anatomy to massage of them all. Anal sex toys such as the Mangasm range of prostate massagers are giving guys orgasms they never knew were possible, by massaging the prostate and perineum. If you haven't checked out sex toys for men recently, take a look at what's out there. There's a huge range of powerful new sex stimulator toys just waiting to be experienced.