Sex Toys for Guys is one of today's top buys

Fleshlight OriginalCyberskin, Futurotic, Real Feel, Fantaflesh, these are all names invented to describe a rapidly growing range of silicone gel male masturbators that are the most popular sex toy for guys. They form the lion's share of an annual spend on sex toys for men amounting to more than billion.


The best of these male masturbators - or pocket pussies as they are often known - can work as an effective substitute for real sex, removing the frustration of sexual tension without the need to visit prostitutes or get involved in unwise sexual affairs. The bestselling sex toy for guys of this type at the moment is the Fleshlight, a sex toy that looks on the surface like an ordinary flashlight, but when you open it up it's a love sleeve in the shape of a perfect replica vagina, mouth or ass. With a dab of water based lube it is possible to believe that you are actually having full sexual intercourse.


Another sex toy for guys that fulfils an often vital sexual urge is the Autoblow Blast. It's a fully automatic blowjob machine; it can provide an authentic hands free blowjob whenever the mood takes. Many guys like to start with the Autoblow Blast to get aroused and then use a pocket pussy or realistic pussy sex toy for guys to feel like they are having a blowjob followed by full sex.


Online sex stores offer page after page of these realistic pussies, so the problem is never in finding one, but in deciding which one you are going to have. Some of the most popular sex toys for guys are the porn star endorsed products, where, with a small leap of the imagination, the user can easily pretend he is making it with the porn star of his choice. Some sex toys for guys even make moaning noises as you pound away.


But probably the happiest sounds to be heard are from the manufacturers of these sex toys for guys, who laugh all the way to the bank.