The hottest Sex Toys for Men

Fleshlight ForbiddenTen years ago the internet bubble burst. Millions upon millions of investment dollars had been thrown at internet enterprises that had simply not been thought through properly and were not workable for the web.

But one internet enterprise that has been proven to work beautifully is the sale of sex. Porn and sex toys for men have formed a powerful and natural partnership and by working hand in hand they have sold male orgasmic play-tools by the boatload.

Men of all ages and backgrounds love to watch online porn, and the porn stars they see in action are now available as high quality sex toys. Name a porn star and the chances are she has her own sex toy featuring her own molded privates for sale on an online sex toy store.

Some porn stars have 16 or more sex toy molds on the market at any one time. The top selling sex toy for men in relation to porn star endorsed toys is Belladonna, other strong contenders include Jenna Jameson, Sydney Steele, Asia Carrera and Evan Stone, it's no coincidence that the Fleshlight Girls have all of these molds in their collection, and there will be more to follow with up and coming hot porn stars such as Gauge and Raylene who are currently the most requested porn stars.

The close co-operation between the masculine sex toy industry and the porn industry ensures that every product endorsement has a good chance of success. The challenge for sex toys for men manufacturers is to keep creating sex toys that not only reflect the personality and look of the porn star, but also break new ground in terms of look and feel. When these boxes are all ticked, and word gets around on the web that the toy is hot, the company quickly finds it has a best seller on its hand and the order come thick and fast.

Guys like to try new prostate massage toys as much as they like to try new women.