Lesser known but equally sexy Sex Toys

Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro TouchSometimes quality sex toys at affordable prices don't have the budget for famous porn stars to endorse them, but it doesn't mean they are not highly seductive and arousing. Here are some examples of sex toys for men that while not well known and not heavily promoted, nonetheless always seem to receive excellent product reviews from the customers who have purchased them:


The Dream Sleeve
The sheath, or sleeve as they like to call it, is made from Futurotic material which feels soft and clingy and grasping on your penis. The vagina feels extremely real. This sex toy is designed to warm to your body temperature as you stroke away. You need to add a dab of water based lube to make it a very smooth ride.


The Thriller
This sex toy is an ice blue erection ring designed for solo use and with your partner. The idea behind it is you wrap the larger ring around the testicles and the snugger one around your penis. Once you switch on the pulsating vibrator bullet it's designed to vibrate across your entire penis.


Sapphire Seductress
The heart-shaped point of entry yields to a soft textured interior, made all the better with the addition of some water based lube. It's as clingy as the Dream Sleeve, and the ribbing inside provides an extra sensation. All reports indicate it can certainly produce a pretty intense orgasm.


Cyberskin Pocket Pussy
This generic pocket pussy is a carefully sculpted sex toy, complete with a lady's sensual folds in full detail. Meticulously sculpted and realistically colored for the best in realistic sex. Made of Cyberskin, this male sex toy is an advanced sex toy recreates the look, feel and touch of real skin.