The idea behind Sex Toys for Him

When men want sexual relief it's not something that can be postponed without a lot of frustration. The problem is you just can't get sexual relief when you want it. And it certainly does not always go to plan if you count purely on women to relieve you.


The problems are many. Often times women are not in the mood, it's not the right time of the month - (and it's amazing how many times it is possible to feel more horny than ever when it is the wrong time) or they're busy with other things, like gardening, washing, potting plants or reading the kids stories. For this reason, sex toys for him have started to become incredibly popular with guys.


Perhaps because the internet has made everything so immediate, we have all increasingly signed up to a no waiting lifestyle. If information can be instant, why can't sex? With sex toys for him it can be. The internet is now flooded with sex toys for him, be they masturbators, cock rings, blow up dolls, pocket pussies, blowjob machines, penis pumps - anything and everything is out there.


The pocket pussy has carved itself a small place in sexual history by becoming a means of reliable no questions asked sex on the go. Pocket pussies can be easily concealed in a briefcase, brought to work or on a business trip and used discreetly as and when the mood takes.


For guys who are simply not getting enough or who don't have a loving relationship, there are sex toys for him such as realistic vaginas - many of these are made to scale, and can weigh 16lbs or more. The vagina is molded from the privates of a top porn star, and with the multi speed magic bullet, the guy can easily pretend he is actually having full sex with the porn star of his fantasies.


But don't get too carried away; if a woman buys a man a sex toy for him, don't expect a pocket pussy, it's much more likely to be something that can be shared such as a cock ring which vibrates as the man makes love.