Future trends in Sex Toys for Men

Mangasm Masturbation toyIt's true to say that while women are starting to demand sex toys that match with their cell phone, or look lovely left on their bedside cabinet, sex toys for men are increasingly focusing on the look as much as the feel.


Research has shown that the more enticing men's sex toys look, the better they sell. It's no coincidence that some of the best selling realistic vaginas are the ones that look the most visually stunning, and these tend to be the sex toys for men endorsed by top porn stars. It's also the case that men are more into technology than women. So while women are happy with a 7-speed vibrator, the trend in sex toys for men is to go one step further by linking technology with temptation.


As proof of the power of strong visual appeal one of the latest sex toys for men is the RealTouch. This remarkable machine plugs into a computer, and then the man inserts himself into a space age looking male masturbator.


The male masturbator device is filled with water based lube and heated by an interior element inside the masturbator. This warm lubricant then circulates around the masturbator. As the man starts to view porn on the screen, this top sex toy for men simulates the exact action on screen. So for example, when the man views a hot POV (Point of View) blowjob taking place on screen, within seconds it feels as if he is the one receiving the blowjob.


For men, what they see during sex is over 80% of the thrill, and RealTouch exploits this desire by encoding hours of top porn movies to synchronize with its male masturbator.


Sales of sex toys for men still trail that of women, and it remains to be seen whether they ever equal or surpass sales of women's sex toys, but what we could see in the near future with sex toys for men is ever increasing technological sophistication. This even extends to a computer controlled love dolls, a sex toy for men programmed to answer a guy in a sexy voice while she bats her eyelids at the same time.