There are times when big anal toys are the best choice

Using big anal toys isn’t something that a lot of guys consider. As a matter of fact, not nearly enough men are experimenting with prostate stimulation. I personally feel rather sad for them, as they are missing out on some of the best orgasms they could ever have. Up until about a year ago, I was one of those sad cases of guys that was missing out on the experience. Thankfully I was dating a chick that was really eager to give it a try, and she was so hot that I couldn’t say no. Sure, I was nervous, but once things got going I knew that I had made a good choice.

Back then, I would never have thought about using huge butt vibrators. You see, just using a small one was enough to induce an intense prostate orgasm. But as the months went by and I realized that I could handle more and more, I started wondering if things would feel better if the toys got bigger. Well, the answer is yes and no. Let me explain a bit more.

You see, big anal toys only do the same thing that smaller ones do, but they do it more intensely. When you use a prostate stimulator, it should be shaped according to the male anatomy. Take a look at something like the Mangasm alpha, sold from It’s a great toy, and the shape is just right for stimulating the prostate, but if it gets bigger things don’t really improve. Once you get used to having it inside of you, though, increasing the size can enhance the intensity of the stimulation of your prostate, which makes things a lot better.

With a large prostate stimulator, there will be more pressure on the prostate gland. More pressure means that the gland will fill up with semen much quicker. When this happens, you will achieve a prostate orgasm much sooner. Of course, if it is the first time you will be experimenting with prostate stimulation you want to start out with something smaller. Some guides even recommend that you start out with your finger until you are comfortable with the process. I never bothered with this and started with the alpha right away.

But once you get used to having a larger prostate sex toy up there, going back to the smaller one isn’t that much better. I guess that it is kind of like a woman that has had a guy with a larger penis. The smaller one just doesn’t seem that much more exciting. Of course, there is a limit to what most women can take, and a dick can be too big. The same is true for the toys.

I’m not a huge fan of things like giant butt plugs. They don’t really do anything for you, other than give you a sensation of being full. If a toy is properly designed to stimulate the prostate, though, things will feel really good. When you get started, it is going to take a bit of time until you realize that you are ready for something bigger.

If you are already experienced with prostate stimulation, then you might want to start out with one of the larger offerings, like the Mangasm Voyager or the spark. But if you are just getting into it for the first time, stick with the smaller toys, like the alpha or the buzz. Either of those will provide plenty of stimulation, and with a little bit of time you will be ready to move on to big anal toys that can provide more intense orgasms.