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There is an adult anal sex toy designed exclusively for men that can produce one of the most intense orgasms ever. There are a lot of guys that are skeptical about using one of these rectal pleasure toys. I guess they think that it is “gay.” I could really care less, though, because the experience is pretty intense and rather satisfying. If you have never had an orgasm from prostate stimulation before, then you are really missing out. I am willing to bet that you are curious about it, though, since you are here and checking out what other people think about using them.

So which sex toy for adults does the best job? Well, before I get to that let me tell you a quick story about how I learned to love prostate play. When I was about twenty five years old I had met a woman. I used to be a plumber, and I went out to a house call for a woman who claimed to have a clogged drain. When I got there things started out rather normal. She asked me to check out the toilet in her master bedroom. I spent a good twenty minutes, but couldn’t find anything wrong with it at all.

When I came out, she was lying on her bed, completely naked. She spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy in little circles. I was very embarrassed and asked if I should let myself out. She said that I could stay, if I wanted, and that she was more than happy to pay for the time I spent there. I told her that I wasn’t a male prostitute. She told me that she called a plumbing company because she needed to get her pipes cleaned out, and that she was not going to let me leave until the service was provided. I couldn’t refuse that offer!

I pulled my clothes off and asked her what she wanted. She told me that I could have her any way I wanted, but that I had to let her show me something that I had probably never experienced before. That is when she got out the adult anal sex toy and told me to get ready for the thrill of a life time. I was very, very nervous. I didn’t really want something up my ass. Like most guys, I thought it would be gay. I figured that no one would ever know about this, though, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to fuck while I was on the clock, so I gave it a try.

She lubed everything up, popped the toy in, and then started sucking me off. She told me that I could fuck her afterwards if I still had the energy. She started bobbing up and down on my rod. I’ll never forget the way her pony tail bounced up and down. I don’t know if she was a porn star or a hooker or what, but it was the best blow job I ever had. Maybe it was just the amazing feeling I was getting from having the prostate massager inside of me. I’m not really sure, but I knew that I was having the most intense orgasm within a few minutes. I produced more jizz than I ever thought possible, and as I started to cum she pulled me out of her mouth and let me spray her face like a fire hose. Afterwards, she asked me to fuck her in the ass doggy style while she put the adult anal sex toy in me again. I covered her chocolate donut with a thick glaze. Oh yeah, the male orgasmic toy was the Mangasm Buzz.