I was never really interested in trying an adult anal toy, but luckily I did


I had a girlfriend who kept asking me if I would try an adult anal toy. In response, I would always tell her that the only way I was going to go for it is if she let me have uncontrolled, wild sex with her butt first. She always told me that I was too big and that I would end up rupturing something and that she would have to spend weeks in the emergency room recovering. I would laugh, because I don’t really think I’m hung that well. I figured she was just trying to get out of the experience. But she was unrelenting in trying to get me to open my cheeks and try out a toy for her.

Finally, I caved, and told her that I would let her use the adult anal toy, but that she had to promise to let me have her butt in return. I promised not to go too wild and to be very gentle. I had seen a lot of porn movies and I knew that the female anus could take things a lot larger than my rod. I mean, there are anal fisting videos and everything. I think that this video is a hoax, but I even saw one where a guy puts a condom on his head and then squeezes it into a woman’s ass.

Anyway, she finally agreed, so I spread my cheeks and let her use the male rectal tool. I was very, very surprised. I had no clue that it would feel so good. I later learned that male anal stimulation feels good because of the prostate. Of course, you have to understand the way that the male orgasm works for all of this to make sense.

There are a few things that happen when a guy cums. First, all of your muscles tense up. You probably already realize this. But then, the prostate gland contracts, forcing a huge amount of semen into the urethra. It meets with the sperm, which then rushes out through your penis. The semen is the fluid that helps the little guys survive in the vagina, which is actually quite acidic. It also gives them something that they can start swimming through on their trek to the ovaries. Of course, most of the time they never make it.

But when your prostate is full of semen, you have intense orgasms. Think about the best orgasms you have ever had. They are probably very intense and full of thick fluid. You probably shot cum very far. When you stimulate your prostate, that is exactly what happens.

The toy for anal stimulation that she brought me was called the Mangasm Voyager. I was a bit intimidated at first, because it looks pretty big, and I had never put anything in my ass at all. I tried to back out, but then she reminded me that I could lube up her little butt hole and give it a try if I would only be brave enough to let her stimulate my prostate. So, we went forward with it, and as I stated, I was very glad.

Since then, we have bought a number of toys from Mangasm.com. We have about six different rectal prostate massagers right now, although I think I am about to retire the Alpha because it just doesn’t provide the same amount of pleasure that it used to. If you are looking to get an adult anal toy that will improve the quality of your orgasm, check out the Alpha, Voyager, or the Mangasm Spark. You won’t regret it.