Prostate Stimulation for the First Timer

What is prostate stimulation and how does it improve the quality of your orgasm? If you are asking these questions, then you have no doubt heard about the method and what it can do for your orgasm. But understanding just how it works is essential if you are going to safely experiment with the technique. For the first time stimulator it can be quite daunting. Most guys are hesitant to put anything up their ass, let alone admitting that they enjoy it. Get over your fear and learn to experience the best orgasm possible.

In this guide you will learn three things:

1. How prostate stimulation works
2. How to experience a male G-spot orgasm safely
3. How to introduce the idea of a prostate orgasm to your partner

First of all, you have to know what the prostate is. This walnut sized gland is located about two inches inside of the anus behind a thin layer of tissue. It is on the top of the cavity. If you have ever stimulated the female g spot, stimulating your own is very similar. You can use a finger, and it is recommended that you trim your nails, wear a latex glove, and liberal amounts of lubricant. Once you slip your finger inside, you will be able to find your prostate pretty quickly. You will know when you are hitting it because it will feel very good.

The first time you play with your prostate you will probably cum pretty quickly. That is because this gland is responsible for producing your orgasm. During penile stimulation signals are sent to the prostate that indicate when it is time to cum. When a certain amount of fluid is built up, it rushes forth to combine with the sperm released from your testicles, and you achieve a orgasm.

By stimulating your gland, you are taking a huge short cut in the process. Stimulating your gland actually feels like a very mild orgasm. This increased pleasure certainly has something to do with the rapid release of the fluid, as the pleasure is almost unbearable.

After you have learned to stimulate your own prostate, you may want to ask your partner to give you a hand. He or she can use the fingering technique, or they might want to use a toy. If you already know how great it can feel to stimulate your gland with your finger, then moving on to using a toy should be easy.

Again, make sure you use lots and lots of lubricant. You can often purchase the right type of lube for your toy at the same time you order it. It is recommended that you place your order online, as most shops provide discreet shipping, and it is far less awkward than going to a sex shop and having to look the clerk in the eye when making your purchase.

Tell your partner about the prostate stimulating technique and how it can improve the quality of your orgasm. The idea of having a large load burst forth from your cock will probably be enough to turn them on and get them interested.

When two people use this method, the intimacy level is really increased. You can quickly get closer with your partner by having him or her provide this level of stimulation. Being gifted with an amazing orgasm, or giving one to your partner is one of the best ways to bring the relationship even closer.

You have to decide whether or not you want to miss out on the amazing pleasure that these orgasms can produce. Now that you know the basics of prostate stimulation, check out the other articles on this site for more tips on using the technique.