What Makes a Good Prostate Massage Toy?

It’s not often that people start talking about a new kind of sexual stimulation. People have pretty much been engaging in the same sexual activities since the dawn of time without much variation. The practice of prostate massage has been around for a long time, but it’s always been one of the best kept secrets of sex. Only since the advent of the internet has information about prostate massage been readily available.


Since more men have begun to learn about prostate massage and its benefits, there’s been a focus on creating the next big prostate massage toy. There are a few features that go into making a prostate massage toy that are of the utmost importance.


The first one important feature of a prostate massager is its ability to massage the prostate effectively and comfortably. Before the newest wave of prostate massagers hit the market, the best way to get a prostate massage with a sex toy was to use a thicker toy like a butt plug or especially big dildo. These toys worked for prostate massage, but they were still anal toys first and foremost – prostate stimulation was more of a side effect.


The newer types of prostate massage toy feature a slimmer design that looks more like a standard dildo, with the key difference being that these toys have are curved at the top. This allows them to be more comfortable and mobile while still hitting the prostate in just the right spot.


Another vital feature of a prostate massage toy is that it must be hands-free. Prostate massage, while pleasurable, usually isn’t enough to bring a man to orgasm. That means that in order to enjoy prostate massage to the fullest, a man still needs to masturbate by hand or be having sex. A prostate toy that isn’t designed for hands free use is extremely difficult to use comfortably while also engaging in other activities.


Hands-free toys are built to respond to your body’s movements, even the very subtle ones. You anal sphincter naturally tightens and flexes when you are experiencing sexual pleasure, and this causes the prostate toy to shift around and rub against the prostate in a pleasing way.


These two elements are the key to making a good prostate massage toy. However, there are some other features which, while not necessary, can greatly improve the sensation of a prostate massage. One feature that’s common on many modern prostate toys is the perineum tab. This is a small nub that hangs off the bottom of the prostate toy and rubs against the perineum. This provides a degree of prostate stimulation from the outside while the main part of the toy works inside, enhancing the sensation.


If you want a good example of how a modern prostate toy is made, take a look at the Mangasm line of tools available from Mangasm.com. These toys have all the features that you want from a prostate toy.