How to massage the G-Spot

Most guys are not at all familiar with the male G-spot. The thing that may surprise and put off a lot of guys is that it is neatly tucked away inside the anus. And for many men they have been taught since a very early age that this is a no go area. For any, the idea of exploring this area may remains taboo, but if you keep an open mind, you could discover one of the best orgasms of your life.

The masculine g-spot is actually real easy to find, but can be tricky to reach if you have short fingers It's about two inches inside the anus to the front, near the root of the penis, and tucked just below the bladder. It's about the same size and color of a walnut.
For the most pleasure it is best to probe and massage the male G-spot with a Mangasm anal sex toy. These are designed especially for the job of massaging the male prostate, and make the job much more easy and pleasurable.

You need to lubricate your anus and your Mangasm anal toy with water based lube before beginning to explore. To feel more confident you should also urinate and have a bowel movement, then get good and clean in that area. Start by gently massaging the G-spot and surrounding prostate area surrounding your anus. Then gently insert the Mangasm prostate massager. Repeat this move several times, each time slightly extending further into the anus until you are completely comfortable with the process. Once the Mangasm is properly inserted, the head of the massager will apply pressure to prostate through the rectum wall. This immediately gives off pleasant sexual sensations.

Some guys enjoy gentle thrusting movements, and some prefer intense, constant pressure on the prostate itself. Or even a mix of the two or something entirely different.