Why is this most advanced anal toy ever created?

If you have any experience with any anal toy, then you know that they tend to be rather boring and bland. How much fun can you really have with a butt plug or anal beads before things become “old hat?” What about the prostate stimulation toy that you no doubt have in your sock drawer? While that is definitely fun, how often do you really get excited to lube it up and slip it in? If you are looking for a toy that can provide a new and unique stimulation, then you need to learn about one of the latest innovations released by the mangasm company.

In this article you will learn:

1. The name of this anal stimulator
2. Why this anal toy was designed
3. How this rectal-play tool actually works

So, what are we talking about, here? None other than the Mangasm Electro, which is the only toy the author is aware of that stimulates the prostate through electrical pulses. This technique has been used for some time in the medical field (sperm banks, in particular) to produce very quick, full orgasms. The technique works effectively in this scenario, because the goal is to produce large amounts of sperm in short order. When the nurse puts this type of toy in the anal cavity and “fires it up” the guy almost immediately begins his orgasm, and he will continue to produce sperm for quite some time.

This technique was originally innovated in the field of animal husbandry. If you have ever been involved in milking a bull or a horse, you will understand just how difficult that can be. Somewhere along the way, some scientists discovered that you can get a quick orgasm out of these creatures by stimulating their prostate with mild electrical currents. Once the results were confirmed, the technique made its way over to the sperm banks.

Whether or not this is where the Mangasm researchers learned of the technique is unclear. It’s also irrelevant. This technique works, and that is the bottom line. The good news is that they actually include a controller that will allow you to control the type and quality of the pulses, as well as having shaped the tip to allow for manual pressure-based stimulation

So, what is it like using a butt stimulating toy like this? Well, it is pretty amazing, actually. There are a few different ways you can put it to use.

First, you can just put it in and crank it up once you find your prostate, and start spewing forth monstrous amounts of jizz in no time at all. Or, you can keep the power off entirely, and just use the “old fashioned” method of manual pressure. If you are pretty good at it, you just might decide that you want to do this from time to time.

But the best way to use it is by combining the two. Setting the Electro to only pulse in small increments on occasion provides a nice little jolt of pleasure every couple of seconds, while you are manually stimulating your gland with the pressure based technique. Combining these two methods will result in a pretty powerful, pleasurable orgasm.

The method that the author likes the best is slowly stimulating the prostate with the manual method while receiving mild pulses of electricity. When orgasm is imminent, you simply crank up the juice and stimulate an immediate, powerful, long lasting, forceful orgasm.

Using this anal toy is guaranteed to result in the most interesting, exciting, powerful orgasms you have ever experienced, especially when using the technique outlined above.