The adult anal toy designed for ultimate male pleasure

The adult anal toy world is ablaze with excitement over one of the newest toys available from the Mangasm brand. While this article is full of excitement at the prospect of using this toy, it is in no means meant to convince you to purchase the toy. It was recently released, and the author was given an opportunity to test the toy before it was provided to the public for purchase. This article describes the author’s experience, as well as whether or not he feels it lives up to the hype.

You will learn:

1. What adult anal toy is generating so much buzz
2. Whether or not male anal sex toys delivered the pleasure promised
3. Where to get the best prostate toys if you are interested.

At the time of this writing, the Mangasm Voyager has only been available for about six weeks for public purchase. Whether or not you have heard of it is irrelevant, as you are about to learn whether or not it actually is as great as everyone is saying it is.

The toy was originally discovered by the author in a popular prostate stimulation forum. Over the course of several weeks, the author was able to maintain access to the toy before it went out for mass consumption. He was able to do so because he runs a very popular blog on the topic, and the manufacturer’s were hoping that he would release a positive review. His use and review were completely unbiased, though, and he reveals all of the positives and negatives of using this toy!

This toy is definitely one for the guys who have some experience with using these toys. If you are a newbie to the world of anal stimulation for men, you should skip it and go with a starter-level product, such as the Alpha. If you are ready to turn the pleasure up a notch, though, or if you are very adventurous, then this toy will deliver a lot of pleasure.

It is a large prostate stimulator with multiple levels of vibration. The vibration adds a special touch to the process of stimulating the prostate and helps to produce some massive orgasms. The author reports that his orgasms were very impressive and the fluid was abundant, but it did not live up to some of the hype found in the popular forums.

When using this toy, you need two hands, making it difficult for penile stimulation. Ideally, you have a partner provide oral stimulation while you work the toy with one hand and the controls with the other. If this is not an option, you may want to go with another vibrating prostate toy, such as the Buzz.

When using this toy, it is important that you proceed with caution. It is rather large. Of course, if you already know your limits, you can go ahead and lube up and plunge in. But if this is the largest toy you have ever used, or the first time you are using prostate stimulation toys of this size, you want to be careful.

The final verdict is that this is a great toy for use by couples who enjoy the orgasms produced by prostate play. If you are going to work with this toy solo, or if you have never used this type of toy before, go with something else, as this toy is not suitable for the new comer.

If you want to purchase this adult anal toy, you can do so at the Mangasm website or even right here on, but please only do so if you think the toy will provide the stimulation you are looking for.