Why there are more and more Toys for Men

Autoblow BlastWhen it comes to sex, toys for menr have become one of them of the most lucrative and fastest growing areas of online sales. The choice has become considerably broader too, with an incredible array of realistic vaginas on offer, many of them endorsed by top porn stars. Millions of dollars have been poured into improving the technology for toys for men, driven by the desire to corner the market where money is not a consideration provided the thrill justifies the expense.


One of the latest toys for men is the Autoblow. It plugs into a computer, and then the man plugs himself into the male masturbator. Once he starts to view porn on the screen, the male masturbator starts to simulate the action on screen. So if he is viewing blowjob porn, it's as if he himself is receiving the blowjob. The masturbator simulates the action and at the same time channels heated lube around the entire masturbator. It's one of the most advanced toys for men on the market.


The other fast growing toys for men boom in recent years has been in prostate massagers. The Mangasm range is designed for guys to discover their first g-spot orgasm by massaging the prostate. The effect of the Mangasm pressing against both the prostate and the perineum can produce orgasms such as most men have never experienced. The beauty of the Mangasm is that it does not need to rely on high technology to create its powerful thrills.


Toys for men in terms of sex related products still has some way to go before it catches up with the female market, but it is growing in importance year on year by over 30% so it may be possible that it catches up within the next couple of years. One thing is certain. Toys for men are going to become increasingly popular and the range, wide and wonderful as it already is, is going to continue to get broader.