I never thought I would be a huge fan of men anal toys

When I first tried men anal toys, I was very skeptical. I had read a lot about how prostate stimulation felt good and that it produced some intense orgasms, but I figured it was all some clever marketing approach by the companies that made these toys. I was intrigued, though, because things kept showing up in all sorts of magazines and on lots of websites. I knew that if I was going to ever figure out if there was any truth to it that I would have to give it a try for myself. I got brave and went on the web to do a search for a company that sold prostate stimulators.

I found Mangasm.com, which produces men anal toys that take the male anatomy into consideration. I knew from all the articles that I read that you had to use a toy that was shaped just right, otherwise the prostate stimulation would be mediocre, if not non-existent. Sure, you could use your finger, but who wants to do that? It is dirty, after all, and I knew that I didn’t want to put my own fingers in my butt. Maybe if I had a girlfriend at the time I would have asked her to take care of it for me. But I was single, so I figured I would just get a toy and give it a try. Boy am I glad that I did!

When I received my first men anal toys I didn’t know which one to use first. I had ordered two different toys. The first is called the Mangasm alpha, and it is designed for the guy who is trying prostate stimulation for the second time. I knew there was a chance that I would like it, so I also got a more “advanced” prostate male toy, designed for a guy looking for just a little more. It is called the spark. When I used the alpha, I knew that all of the articles I had read about sex toys for men were telling the truth and that things were about to get a lot more interesting.

To be honest, I had the spark for about six months before I ever even thought about using it. It was kind of intimidating. It isn’t that it is much bigger than the alpha or anything like that. It just has these seven little spikes on the base that are supposed to stimulate the perineum. They are sort of scary looking, to be honest. Well, one day I couldn’t find the alpha (I’ll get to that in a minute) and I was really in the mood for a prostate orgasm. I had no choice but to finally have the guts to give the spark a try.

Boy, oh boy, how I wish I had used it sooner. It stimulates the prostate from the inside and the outside, and the orgasms are tremendously intense. I really didn’t think that I could have an orgasm that was so amazing. Oh, yeah, what happened to the alpha? Well, it turns out that I had tossed it on the coffee table one night after using it. My dog found it and turned it into a chew toy. Yeah, pretty gross, right? Well, I had to throw it away because there is no way that I was going to use it after my dog had chewed it up.

It’s really good that I placed an order for more than one toy the first time. I sure am glad that I got turned on to masculine sex toys from Mangasm.com, because the orgasms I have now are so much better than anything I had experienced before.