Anal Sex Toys for Men: So Many Options

People have long been fascinated by the taboo of anal sex. The status of the anus as a “forbidden zone” is a big part of its appeal. Men, in particular, have always been intrigued by anal sex. Many men have tried to convince their wives and girlfriends to engage in anal sex, with varying degrees of success. Some women are simply repulsed by the idea, while others are excited by the prospect themselves.

Despite men’s fascination with anal sex, most straight males don’t like the idea of having their own butts played with. A lot of men have never outgrown the idea that enjoying anal play as a man means that you are somehow gay, even if you’ve never even entertained the idea of sex with another man. Suffice to say that there’s nothing inherently gay about anal penetration for men – enjoying anal stimulation is something our bodies are simply wired to do.

There’s been a bit of a sexual revolution in the last couple of decades. More and more men are learning how to explore different elements of their sexuality, and that includes anal play. As such, the market for anal sex toys for men has grown significantly. There are a lot of options for anal sex toys for men which may appeal to different guys in different ways.

A lot of anal toys are essentially “unisex” toys that can be equally effective when used on a man or woman. Anal dildos and vibrators usually feature a flared bottom that keeps the toy from accidently slipping all the way inside the anus. Aside from that, they’re pretty similar to the standard dildo that’s usually used vaginally.

Another popular unisex anal toy is the butt plug. Butt plug are thicker and they are designed to be inserted and left inside the anus to provide a “filling” feeling. Anal pleasure comes from the stretching and flexing of the anal sphincter, and these toys are designed to maximize that. Butt plugs are best left to more experienced anal players due to their bigger size.

Not all anal toys are unisex. Some toys are specifically designed as anal sex toys for men. In particular, prostate massage toys fit this description. Since females don’t have a prostate, prostate toys aren’t really made for them. Men do have prostates, however, and male prostate massagers are designed to focus on stimulating the male prostate. While they are technically butt plugs, they are more on providing prostate stimulation – anal stimulation is just a “side effect.”

While anal stimulation can be highly pleasurable for men, it’s nothing compared to prostate massage. The prostate is one of the key centers of male sexual energy, so stimulating it is like kicking a man’s sexual center into overdrive. It’s really the perfect toy for “anal curious” man, since you still get the anal stimulation along with the even better prostate stimulation.

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