Massage Your Prostate with Prostate Toys

For much of the male population, male sex toys were things that they never really put much thought toward. There’s always been a sort of juvenile attitude among men when it comes to these toys. Guys are always self-conscious about their sexual conquests, and many see using a sex toy as an admission that they aren’t doing well on the dating scene.


It’s a pretty childish way of looking at things, particularly when you consider that even the most sexually successful men still masturbate regularly. It’s even more ridiculous when you add in the fact that sometimes, sex toys can do things that no woman can.


One of the best types of male sex toys are prostate toys, which are designed to stimulate the male prostate. Men can stimulate their own prostates by hand, but frankly, it’s barely worth the effort. You have to stretch yourself into all kinds of uncomfortable positions which ends up taking away from the ultimate pleasure that a prostate massage should bring. Plus, many beginners to the world of prostate massage have trouble hitting the right spot or they find it but go at it too aggressively, leading to frustration and discomfort.


That’s what makes prostate toys so great: they take all the guesswork out of prostate massage. You never have to worry about finding the spot, or how fast or hard you’re going, or trying to find a comfortable way to reach a hand around behind your back. With potential mistakes taken out of the equation, it’s much easier to enjoy prostate stimulation.


While most guys think about prostate toys in terms of solo masturbation, they often neglect the fact that these toys can also be used during normal sex. This is another advantage to these prostate toys. They are designed for hands-free use, which means that it’s easy for a guy to engage in whatever sex acts he pleases while also enjoying an amazing prostate massage. A man having normal vaginal intercourse while having a prostate toy inserted will have one of the most mind-blowing orgasms ever.


So how do you go about choosing what type of prostate toys to use? The options are actually very robust, with many different models available. If you aren’t sure what toy to buy, you best option is a beginner-oriented option such as the Mangasm Alpha. If you’re the kind of guy who likes to jump right into a more intense experience, you may want to opt for one of the vibrating Mangasm models.


Once you’ve gotten some prostate massage practice under your belt, you can upgrade to some of the more advanced toys in the Mangasm collection. Don’t jump in too early – it’s important to build up your anal muscles in order to get the best results from these more agile toys. You can see the full collection of prostate stimulators at Take your time and explore!