Prostate Massager: Achieve the Ultimate Orgasm

The male sexual orientation is changing. For the first time in over a thousand years, it’s becoming common for men to explore the pleasures of the anus and more specifically the prostate. While gay men have obviously been keen on this for a long time, straight men often ran for the hills when the topic of anal sex came up. Now with the interest in the prostate gland, men around the world are exploring a new type of sexual pleasure.

What has drawn men to prostate massage is the stories of intense orgasms that men have experience with the aid of the technique. Without a doubt that is the number one selling point for prostate massager toys. With the help of these toys, men are able to have much longer and more satisfying orgasms than they could have through normal means. Whether using the toys during masturbation or while actually having sex, these super male orgasms are the perfect way to end any sexual session.

So what is the secret of these prostate massager toys? What makes them so effective at enhancing the male orgasm? A lot of men find themselves wondering what the prostate has to do with sex at all. Little do they know, the prostate plays a major role in the normal sexual functions of men. One of the primary purposes of the prostate is to produce the seminal fluid that he ejaculates during orgasm. The prostate is also responsible for the actual expulsion that happens during an orgasm. That’s why stimulating this gland is so effective at increasing orgasmic pleasure.

Using a prostate massager is easy, but getting the most amount of pleasure from it is somewhat more difficult. Any guy can insert a prostate massager and enjoy an enhanced orgasm, but it takes some training to obtain the coveted super orgasm. The male G-spot orgasm is a very potent orgasm that can last as long as several minutes straight. Needless to say, this is something that a lot of guys have always wished for!

The technique for getting the ultimate orgasm is all about self-control. It requires a careful balance between stimulating the penis and stimulating the prostate, while being careful not to orgasm too early. It’s all about the build-up – stimulating yourself right to the edge of an orgasm and then slowing down, focusing entirely on prostate stimulation.

If done correctly, it leads to a prostate orgasm – which is every bit as pleasurable as a real orgasm but doesn’t have a refractory period associated with it. In other words, after a prostate orgasm you’ll be ready to go again within seconds! This gives you the power to string orgasms together one after another for as long as you can go. What could be better?