Getting the Most Out of Your Anal Sex Toys

So, you have a few anal sex toys, and you want to figure out if you are really getting the most enjoyment out of them? The following is how you can do this. Using the tips in this article is one way, as well as browsing the rest of the content on this site. Whether you have a huge cache of toys designed for anal stimulation, or you are simply looking for one or two new additions for your collection, you are sure to gain the information you need.

Read on to discover how to:

1. Get the best male prostate stimulators available
2. Get more pleasure out of your anal sex toys
3. Use anal massage stimulators designed just for guys

So, what exactly is it that you like about using these anal sex toys? For many women, the best part of the experience is psychological, at least in the beginning. There is something incredibly sexy and dirty about allowing a guy to plunder your ass. If you are beyond this initial excitement, though, you have likely discovered that there is a deep and fulfilling feeling associated with properly penetrating the anus.

So, how can you get the most out of the toys that are available? Well, start out slow, and use a toy that causes little discomfort. When you learn to take the toy without flinching at all, you have trained your ass to be ready for something bigger. Moving up in size is one of the best ways to experience enhanced pleasure when using these toys as a woman.

How can you get more pleasure from the toys that you already have? There are plenty of different types of lubricant out there. Different types of lubricant provide different types of sensation, ranging from warming feelings to cool feelings. You may also find some lubricants designed for anal stimulation that are flavored.

While you may be hesitant to “toss the salad” stimulating the anus with the tongue is actually one of the most intimate experiences you can have. It also feels incredible. Using a flavored lubricant on your favorite toy can help to make it easier for your partner to experiment with this technique. If you already have a collection of toys, though, you are likely to be willing to try almost anything when it comes to ass play, and “tossing the salad” should provide little to no challenge for your partner.

But what about guys? Of course, a guy can experience increased pleasure by simply inserting something in the anus, and increasing the size of the toy can help to increase the pleasure, just like it can for a woman. But a guy has a “secret weapon” in his ass that can provide some of the most amazing and powerful orgasms known.

It is the prostate gland. This gland is what produces the majority of the fluid that is released during orgasm. When you learn to stimulate it, you can provide your own amazing orgasm, or your partner can do it for you.

Sadly, most anal toys just won’t do this for you. But there are toys out there that are designed with masculine prostate stimulation in mind. They tend to have a bulbous tip, as well as a completely different shape than any other toy you may own. Using one of these toys will make stimulating the prostate easy, and since they are designed for this purpose, they are generally safer than using the finger or toys designed for other reasons.

Using sex toys designed for prostate stimulation can help a guy get to the next level of sexual fulfillment, and they are also easier to accept in the anus than toys designed for other purposes.