How to Use Your Anal Sex Toy

When you get your anal sex toy, you might be eager to just lube up and shove it in. But there is actually an art to using your toy in the most effective way. For instance, any toy that is designed for prostate stimulation need to be used properly. If you just shove it in there, you aren’t going to properly stimulate the prostate and gain the benefits you are looking for. By learning how to use your toy, you will be able to increase the amount of pleasure you derive from your toy.

In this article:

1. Using your anal massage tool for prostate stimulation
2. Using your anal sex toy with lubricant
3. Getting the most out of each prostate stimulator that you own

The first thing you want to do is understand the position of the prostate gland. It is between half an inch to two inches inside the anus. It’s easy to find if you are willing to use your finger, and any toy that is designed for prostate stimulation will result in a pretty quick discovery of the gland. The bulbous head is designed to automatically put a mild amount of pressure on the gland, meaning that as soon as you insert it, you should recognize the pleasure associated with stimulating the gland.

Your anal toy should be designed for prostate stimulation, otherwise it is going to be rather difficult to properly work the gland. If you have a toy that is not designed for this purpose, it is recommended that you replace it with another. The Mangasm brand provides a number of toys with this specific purpose in mind.

The best way to use your prostate massage toy is with lubricant. There are plenty of lubes out there, including some that provide different sensations such as hot and cold. They also tend to have rather clever names like “ice” and “fire.” These special lubricants are optional, but you should always use a lubricant when experimenting with ass play. It is best to follow the instructions provided with your toy. If you no longer have them, contact the manufacturer for their recommendation for the best lubricant for their toy.

So, how do you get the most enjoyment out of each toy you own? Well the first secret is to have more than one toy. If you only have one, things can get pretty boring rather quickly. When you purchase a new toy, look for something that is different from what you already own. For instance, if you currently have a beginner level toy, you might want to move up to something bigger. From there, you can look at purchasing a vibrating toy. When you are really ready to get crazy, you can get something that provides mild electrical stimulation to the prostate.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to learn how to use your toy for the most enjoyment. It may turn out that you want to swap out your regular prostate massager for an experience with an extra large butt plug. There is really no limit to the amount of fun you can have with this type of experience.

Make sure that you always clean your toy, and never apply too much pressure to the prostate. Getting stimulating through these means should never be painful, although a small bit of discomfort is normal when moving from one level of toy to the next. For instance, the first time you use the extra large butt plug, you are likely to need some time to get it fully inserted.

When you get your next anal sex toy, make sure you consider the toys you already own.