When you use this anal sex toy, great things will happen to your orgasm


An anal sex toy that stimulates the prostate can cause an intense orgasm that has more juice than you know your body could make. But when you combine external stimulation of the perineum, things get even more interesting. Now, I am just speculating, but I think that combining external pressure with internal pressure constricts the prostate gland in a more intense fashion. This results in more stimulation of the gland, as well as tighter constrictions. When everything is combined, I believe that it produces an orgasm that will really put you over the top.


I had gotten the idea that this is how this anal sex toy works when I was playing with my girlfriend. She loves g-spot stimulation, and we had learned that if I put just a bit of pressure on her pubic area, above where the g-spot is located, that the pressure would be more intense. After thinking about it for a while, I figured that this must be happening when I used this prostate stimulating toy, too. Now, I’m not a scientist or any kind of medical expert, but the feeling that I get indicates that this is exactly what is happening. Even if I’m not correct, it doesn’t matter. The feeling is amazing.


The anal sex toy I am talking about is the Mangasm spark. It combines a great feeling shaft with a base that has seven prongs that stimulate the perineum. This is also known as the taint. Even if you don’t apply pressure and you just lightly tickle the taint, it feels great. But when you put the spark all the way inside and start grinding it against your taint, things get really intense. Again, my theory is that it combines internal stimulation of the prostate with external stimulation of the perineum, resulting in an orgasm that bursts forth with a lot of pressure and intensity.


I am what you might call a veteran of prostate stimulation. I actually started experimenting with the technique in the eighties. There weren’t really any toys designed for male anal stimulation back then, so you had to get creative. For the longest time I would use toys that were designed for female g-spot stimulation, but they just didn’t work as well as I knew they could. When I finally heard about Mangasm, who produces a line of prostate stimulators that take the male anatomy into consideration, I was excited. The spark wasn’t a part of the initial lineup, though, so I started with other toys like the Voyager and the Rush.


If it had been my first time using one of these toys I probably would have went with the Alpha. It is a toy that is designed for the first time user, and it is small, but still shaped properly for prostate stimulation. I imagine that it is their most popular seller, but I really have no idea as I don’t have access to their sales data. The next toy that seems to be geared towards the beginner is the buzz. It is also smaller, and it provides some vibrating features that really feel great against the prostate.


Anyway, normal prostate orgasms are intense. You fill up with a lot of fluid that bursts forth from your penis like a kraken out of the ocean. But the orgasms I have with the spark are just so much further beyond anything that I normally experience that I use it the most. If you are looking for an anal sex toy to give you intense orgasms, then check it out. I am sure any of the toys they sell will do a great job, though.