Every Guy Needs a Few Prostate Toys

Let’s face it, guys: prostate toys can produce orgasms that are far beyond your wildest expectations. So why is it that so many people are afraid to give it a chance? There are a lot of reasons, many are psychological, and a few are based on social stigmas. Ultimately, you have to decide if you think that this type of stimulation is right for you. But the rumors are true. Guys who get over their initial hesitation and take the plunge experience more powerful orgasms, longer orgasms, and some of the hugest loads imaginable.

In this article, you will learn the following:

1. Why prostate toys produce such amazing orgasms
2. What the health benefits are to using these male anal sex toys
3. A secret that the adult industry doesn’t want you to have

So, just what is it that happens when you use one of these toys to stimulate your prostate gland? Well, the prostate is one of the most crucial parts of the male orgasm. It produces the seminal fluid that combines with the sperm from your testicles, resulting in the concoction colloquially known as “baby batter.” The amount and quality of this fluid determines the size of your load more than the sperm in your balls.

By stimulating the prostate, you actually enhance its ability to produce large amounts of fluid. When this happens, the combination of seminal fluid and sperm is quite impressive. Not only will you have more fluid in your orgasm, but the increased fluid will result in more pressure, and a longer shot. The more fluid you have; the more force you will have. This will result in a cumshot that is rather impressive, and girls tend to like it, too!

As a guy, you know that the quantity and consistency of your fluid determines the quality of your orgasm. Every time you have had a mind blowing orgasm, you found yourself with a huge mess to clean up. This is what happens when you use a prostate stimulator for your orgasm.

But the health benefits can’t be overlooked. The normal guy has a weak prostate that is unable to push forth large amounts of cum with force. By stimulating the prostate, you essentially strengthen it. This helps to fully evacuate the prostate, meaning that there is no “stale” juice in there. It has been found that an abundance of this stale fluid increases the chance of developing prostate cancer.

While it is true that you can simply masturbate to help reduce the amount of fluid, it will do little to strengthen the prostate and help to fully evacuate it during orgasm. Regular use of prostate toys helps to improve the quality of your orgasm even when you aren’t using one. So what is the secret that the adult industry doesn’t want you to know about? Well, have you ever seen those impressive money shots that it seems only porn star guys can produce?

Think about most of those shots and you will realize that you usually only see the guys penis. This is because there is usually someone behind him using a prostate stimulation technique during his orgasm. It results in a bigger, longer lasting, fuller male orgasm.

Now, take this knowledge and combine it with the known fact that women love guys who can produce huge money shots, and you have a recipe for sex success. By using these male prostate massagers, you not only improve your sexual gratification, but you will also excite your partner. Grab some prostate stimulating toys and get practicing so that you can really blow her away!