What’s up with these Mangasm toys?

If you have heard of the Mangasm brand of toys, before, then you might already know what they are. If you don’t, then you are in for a treat. These toys are designed for prostate stimulation. The specific design principles present in each toy allows for easy and rapid stimulation of the prostate, which will allow you to experience a mega orgasm. If you aren’t familiar with how a prostate orgasm works, then read on for more information.

In this guide you will learn:

1. The design behind the Mangasm toys
2. How Mangasm toys stimulate the prostate
3. How to use Mangasm toys to improve your orgasm

At one time, prostate stimulation was only possible by using your finger, a real penis, or a toy designed for women. Sadly, none of these were that effective and the stimulation was difficult. It was really hit or miss. If you were lucky, you might get just the right amount of stimulation needed to produce an amazing orgasm. More often than not anal play was exciting simply because it was dirty.

When these prostate massage toys were developed, a lot of attention was paid to the male anatomy. Each toy is designed for easy insertion and features either a bulbous or a j shaped tip. This tip allows the prostate to be stimulated rather easily. Since the stimulation is constant and continuous, learning how to produce amazing prostate orgasms became easier.

When you put one of these toys inside, the tip will immediately stimulate the prostate. As you continue to gently work the toy, the prostate will fill with fluid, and you will eventually experience the feelings that indicate an orgasm is imminent. Once this happens, the light pressure applied by the toy will combine with the excess fluid, resulting in a powerful orgasm of abundant goo. The force of these orgasms are quite impressive, and you will probably shoot your load further than you knew possible.

What is really great is that these orgasms are easy to achieve with these toys. Unlike using your finger, they are also safer. There is no risk of getting dirt on your finger, and you don’t have to worry about scratching the sensitive tissue inside and around your anus.

These toys also feature some safety designs. The perineum stimulating wand and the grip ring prevent the toy from slipping all the way inside of your butt. Before toys like this existed, many guys had to go to the emergency room to have their girlfriend’s vibrator surgically removed from their anal cavity. Talk about embarrassing!

These toys also feature a unique material that is firm and soft at the same time. The firmness allows the toy to continuously stimulate the prostate once inserted, but it is soft enough to conform to the contours of your body. This means that when you start feeling contractions in and around your prostate gland, the pleasure will be heightened. It is one of the best innovations ever in the world of prostate play.

There are about a dozen different Mangasm prostate stimulators available from this company, ranging from the small Alpha, which is designed for new comers, to the huge Voyager, which features intense vibrations for the experienced ass player. There are also several innovative toys, such as the electro, which features mild electrical pulses to stimulate the prostate gland from the inside out.

Working with any of these Mangasm anal stimulating toys is far better than relying on outdated methods for prostate stimulation. Picking up a Mangasm toy is easy, and the shipping is discreet, so go ahead on over to their website and place an order for whatever toy strikes your fancy!