The Self Prostate Massage Technique

You’ve probably seen a movie in which the self prostate massage is taught to one of the characters when he is at the sperm bank to donate a load. The truth is, this happens far more often than most people realize. Every day, hundreds of guys head to their sperm bank for a number of reasons, only to have a nurse help him achieve a quick orgasm by using the prostate massage. From here, most guys are interested and ready to learn to do it on their own.

Thankfully, this article will teach you just how easy it is to take that technique and use it on your own. You will learn:

1. How to find your own prostate
2. How to quickly cum with the self prostate massage
3. How to produce mega-loads using this technique

The first thing that you might want to know is that the prostate is a small gland that is responsible for producing the majority of the fluid that shoots out from the penis during ejaculation. This gland is also responsible for the force and duration of the orgasm. If you have a healthy prostate, or if you know how to milk it, you can produce massive amounts of fluid and train yourself to produce an orgasm that lasts from sixty to 120 seconds.

If you want to find your gland with a self massage, it’s quite easy to do using your finger. It is even easier to do if you are using an anal sex toy (such as the Mangasm Alpha or the Mangasm Rush, but that is a different article all together). Simply insert your finger and begin lightly pressing on the top of your cavity. You will immediate know it when you hit the prostate gland, because you will feel an intense pleasure that radiates throughout your sex organs.

From this point, you can continue to lightly press against the organ until you achieve orgasm. The skilled practitioner will learn to do this within as little as thirty seconds. You have to practice in order to be able to do this, though.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to stimulate your penis during prostate massage. If you do, you can create an even more intense orgasm experience. For some guys, this may actually be too much! You won’t know until you try though.

If you learn how to stimulate your gland properly, you can really drag the process out. The good news is that it will feel good the whole time. You can then use this time to increase the production of fluid. Stimulating the prostate increases the blood flow, helping to create even more fluid than it usually would. Eventually, the “pressure” will be too much to bear, and you will be forced to release a tsunami of an orgasm.

The best way to do this is by stimulating your penis with slow strokes. Use a lot of lubricant and be sure to rub your hand and fingers up and down over the ridge of your head. This process will really make everything intense and prep the body for one of the most impressive orgasms you could imagine.

When you know you are about to cum, press and hold your finger against the gland firmly but lightly. From there, slowly slide your finger (or anal sex toy) towards the front of your cavity during orgasm. If you get the timing right, you can stretch the orgasm out for up to two minutes.

The constant but light pressure of this self prostate massage will result in a force behind your orgasm that shoots your cum out of your penis further than you thought possible.