Purchasing the most popular men anal toy

Mangasm Electro - anal toyIf you are looking for men anal toys, you want to make sure that you are getting the best. There are a lot of products out there, and many are of questionable quality. Thankfully, the community is vocal, and the worst toys are quickly discovered. The debates tend to rage about which are the best, though. The author of this article has taken a significant amount of time to go through the most popular forums for prostate stimulation, as well as sending out several surveys on the topic. He has learned which toys are the most popular, as well as where to procure them discreetly.


In this article you will learn:

  1. The most popular men anal toys of all time
  2. The most popular vibrating men anal toys
  3. The most popular controversial men anal toys


Again, this list was comprised from information that was available on forums as well as a few private surveys that were sent out to these communities. You should do your own research before making a final purchasing decision to make sure the toy you get is right for you.


So, what is the most popular? Surprisingly (or not) the Mangasm Alpha was voted as the most popular entry level toy. Its small size and bulbous head provide easy entry and perfect prostate stimulation. For guys who are willing to go a little bit further, the Mangasm Buzz was recommended. This toy has a different shape and also provides a vibrating feature.


The most popular vibrating toys include the Buzz (as mentioned above) as well as the Voyager. The voyager is one of the largest vibrating prostate stimulators on the market, and the levels of vibration it provides are unrivaled.


This toy was reported to provide some of the most satisfying, long lasting, powerful, long range cum shots of any other toy on the market. It is likely a result of the increased size as well as the many different levels of intense vibration. It may be possible that the guys reviewing this toy as their favorite are also more experienced with prostate stimulation, though, and that they are able to produce better orgasms simply out of habit.


Finally, the most controversial and popular male toys were discovered to be the Mangasm Spark and the Mangasm Electro.


The Electro has been written about extensively, as it is one of the most unique toys available for prostate stimulation. It uses mild electrical pulses applied directly to the prostate for stimulation. The J shaped tip also allows for manual pressure based stimulation of the prostate. An experienced user can work the prostate until just before orgasm, and then push himself over the edge with a series of pre-programmed electrical pulses. This method is reported to result in some of the most otherworldly orgasms a guy could experience.


The technique seems to have been pioneered by sperm banks around the world, although it is not known if that is where the manufacturers learned of it.


The spark is not an electrical powered toy. It is a more traditional, pressure based toy, but it includes a base that has seven prongs for perineum stimulation. It seems that a lot of research was put into the positioning of these prongs, as they provide an intense external stimulation of the prostate. The combination of internal and external stimulation results in a more powerful orgasm that can really cross the distance.


If you are looking for more information on the men anal toys that are right for you (as opposed to the most popular) check out the rest of the articles on this site for more information than you could read in a week!