Learning Safe Self Prostate Massage Techniques

Most people who learn about self prostate massage are oblivious to the potential risks. Putting too much force on this delicate gland can actually damage it. While using your finger is one of the easiest ways to experiment with this technique, it is far from the safest. Putting too much pressure on the gland can result in a disease known as prostatitis, as well as leaving the potential for a gangrenous infection.

In this article you will learn:

1. How to use the best prostate massage toys for proper self prostate massage
2. How to avoid putting too much pressure on the gland
3. How to enjoy the rewarding orgasms that come with this art

First of all, don’t be afraid of experimenting with this technique. It is not common for people to experience any damage, and there is very little risk of danger. The trouble comes from the heat of the moment. Pornographic films have taught us that harder and faster is better. This is not the case when it comes to stimulating or milking your prostate.

Instead, you want to apply a gentle, firm pressure on the gland. You will know when you are putting enough pressure on the gland because of the increased pleasure that you feel.

You will feel this sensation way before you are applying too much pressure. Again, the big risk comes with getting into the heat of the moment, when you might decide to apply more pressure and it is at this time that the damage could occur.

Using a toy for self prostate massage that is designed with the male anatomy in mind will virtually eliminate this risk. Most of these toys are designed for easy insertion, and simply putting it in your ass will provide all of the stimulation on the prostate that you need. They also have a safety ring around that base, which prevents it from getting stuck inside. Who wants an embarrassing trip to the ER, anyway?

When you are using these prostate massage toys, you only need to put a light pressure on them in order to produce the right amount of stimulation. Again, you will know how much is enough based on the level of pleasure you are feeling. When things start to feel really good, you are applying more than enough pressure.

When using a toy, it is very difficult to apply too much pressure. While it is easy to push the toy in and out, it is not as easy to get the type of leverage required to damage the prostate, and you would have to be trying to intentionally hurt yourself for this to occur.

When you learn to safely apply the light pressure required for the orgasm, you can move on to milking your prostate for the ultimate orgasm. Doing so involves a constant, light pressure on the prostate, and a very slow back-to-front motion. Doing so will cause the prostate to contract, meaning that it will take longer to reduce all of the fluid built up from your self prostate massage.

During these orgasms, it is common for a guy to experience up to two minutes (or more) of pure bliss. By taking the time to learn to safely apply pressure to your gland, you can easily learn how to milk the prostate for these orgasms.

Start out with your finger, if you want. But it is recommended that you get an intro-level prostate massager, such as the mangasm alpha, to help you learn to safe massage techniques and experience the absolute pinnacle of male orgasm pleasure.