There are plenty of gay anal toys, but only some are worth your time

I have owned a lot of gay anal toys over the years. Sadly, many of them left me disappointed and feeling like I had spent way more money than I should. Within a few years of trying to find the perfect toys I had all but given up. Two months ago I was browsing my favorite gay sex forum when someone mentioned I site I hadn’t heard of before. The name was pretty cute – Mangasm. I loaded the site up and started looking at the toys, and I knew right away that I was looking at something a little different form the other sites I had been checking out over the years. I knew right away that I was going to have a lot of fun with what they sold, too.

One of the things about these gay anal toys that really stood out was that they weren’t just toys that were designed for women and rebranded as being for gay couples. You know what I’m talking about! Look, what gay man doesn’t love a nice hard dick? But when it comes to having an intense orgasm, a dick in the ass isn’t what does it for you. You need something that stimulates the prostate just right. I could tell by looking at these toys that a lot of care and effort went into figuring out just what it would take to produce an intense prostate orgasm.

These sex toys for gay men had the right shape. They all feature a bulbous tip, which will put lots of soft pressure on the prostate, or a slightly curved tip, which you can use to press firmly against the prostate. Be warned, though! Don’t apply too much pressure, because doing so can lead to prostatitis, which is a terrible infection that you don’t want to deal with. It can actually be fatal! The good thing about these toys is that their shape means you won’t have to provide a lot of pressure on your own. Just pop it in and things will feel really great.

I am usually a top in my relationships. Using these rectal orgasm toys has increased the orgasm experience that I have significantly. By popping the toy in before my boy goes down on me or before I get into his back door, I achieve an intense climax much faster than I used to. Let me tell you, he has buns of steel. He can squeeze me like no other guy ever has. But when he is milking me and I have my anal prostate stimulator in, this bull produces a lot of milk. And we both really like that.

When he uses the Mangasm Voyager to stimulate his prostate he moans with ecstasy. Things just go really well no matter who is using the toy. We have asked around in our circle of gay friends, and a few of them have tried and love the toys sold by The coolest part about their site, though, is that the toys aren’t just designed for gay guys! There are a lot of straight guys that are experimenting with prostate stimulation. Now, don’t get excited! I don’t think they’re going to convert any time soon, because more and more women are introducing prostate stimulation to their men.

Look, if you really want to have a good time with your guy, then the best thing you could do is check out some of the toys sold on I love the gay anal toys that I bought, and I think I might even get a few to hand out as holiday presents this year!