The first time my wife brought home adult anal toys, I was surprised.


My wife was never into anal, so when she brought home some adult anal toys I was pretty surprised. She had told me, after she got home from work, that she was looking forward to experimenting with anal stimulation. I sat around imagining what the evening would be like. I kept thinking about what I would whisper in her ear to get her to relax so that she could learn to enjoy the process of stimulating her ass while we were getting it on. I would say things like, “Just relax, baby, it will start to feel good in a second…” and “don’t you like the way that toy feels in your ass? Wouldn’t it be nice if my cock was in there, too?”


Little did I know that the adult anal toys were for me and that she would be whispering similar things in my ear. Well, mostly similar. She didn’t say anything about a cock in my ass, thank goodness. I was very hesitant to give them a try once she told me what the game plan was. I had heard about prostate stimulation, but I was never really interested in experimenting with it. I thought the orgasms I was having on a regular basis were decent enough. I wasn’t really worried about improving them, because it is just so easy for a guy to get off. I was actually more interested in learning how to last longer.


Anyway, I figured that it couldn’t hurt if I tried the adult anal toys. After all, I was always trying to get her to be open minded enough to experiment with anal intercourse, so it would only be fair if I showed her that I was open minded enough to try it on my own. My curiosity was actually entirely selfish. I figured that if I would let her try these toys on me that it would only be fair if she let me give her an ass fucking. Well, within minutes of popping the first toy in I realized that I was experiencing some of the best feelings that I could ever ask for. I had no idea that the whole reason it felt so good was just because of the prostate, but I knew that it wasn’t just having something in my butt that felt good.


After we were all done and she cleaned what seemed like gallons of sperm off of her belly and tits, I started asking her if she wanted to let me give it a try. After all, if it felt so great for me, wouldn’t it feel just as good for her? She went into this long talk about how prostate stimulation works for guys, but that it doesn’t feel the same for women because they don’t have a prostate gland. It seemed like a cop out to me, but who am I to argue? I’m just a dumb guy who wants to get off.


She had really done her research before buying a toy. She found the Mangasm alpha, which is perfect for the first time experience with prostate stimulation. If she had bought something bigger or more intense there is a good chance that I wouldn’t have become such a fan. Since then, we have purchased a number of prostate stimulating anal toys, and we use them on a regular basis. I am still trying to get her to give up the butt, and I don’t think I have made an inch of progress. It’s alright though, because now that I use adult anal toys I have incredible orgasms a few times a week.