Prostate Massagers: The Ultimate Male Sex Toys

It may seem like the options for men’s sex toys are very limited at first glance. Most guys really just aren’t that interested in the standard fare of male sex toys like pocket pussies. For many men, these toys are nothing more than an admission of defeat: owning these toys is an indication that a guy can’t get the real thing.


While this idea of men’s sex toys is a little primitive, it is right in some respects. There is nothing that you can do with a fake pussy toy that you can’t also do with a real woman. Therefore, the question becomes, why bother with men’s sex toys when you could instead go after real sex?


What you should really expect form a male sex toy is to get an experience that no woman could really replicate. There’s only one type of sex toys that do this: prostate massagers. Prostate massagers are special anal sex toys designed specifically for men. These toys offer something that the vast majority of women can’t: the technique to stimulate your prostate and deliver earth sharking orgasms.


One thing that’s important to understand is that there’s a big line between prostate stimulation and a true prostate massage. Basic stimulation of the prostate is easy. Almost any kind of anal penetration, whether it’s a sex toy or a finger, will result in some level of prostate pleasure. However, taking that pleasure to the next level requires a prostate massage, which means you have to either find someone with the right skillset, or use prostate massagers.


Needless to say, prostate massagers are the easier option. Besides, these toys not only allow you to experience prostate massage solo, but they also open up the potential to explore prostate pleasure with any willing partner. They don’t have to know anything about prostate massage at all, because the prostate massager will do all the work.


So how do these remarkable toys work? Believe it or they don’t even require batteries and they don’t use any kind of motorized movement. They actually use a flexible design that causes these toys to naturally move and flex in response to your body’s movements. So while you shift around in the throes of pleasure, the prostate massager keeps working and gently massages your prostate gland. The end result: an explosive orgasm that you won’t soon be forgetting.


There are a variety of different prostate massage toys available. features a number of popular prostate massage toy models, from beginner versions to more advanced offerings. You can start with the Mangasm Alpha and work your way up to one of the bigger models or one with vibration when you’re ready for even more intense sensations.