How can a woman introduce prostate massagers in the bedroom?

As a woman, you may be interested in bringing prostate massagers into your sex life. You are probably already aware of the amazing orgasms your partner can experience. Knowing how to introduce these toys to your relationship is essential if you are going to do so successfully.

Most women are afraid that they will alienate their partner by asking about these toys. While this is true in some instances, it is often not the case. In this article, you will learn the following:

1. How to approach your partner about using prostate massagers in the bedroom
2. How to get your partner excited about their use
3. How to “trick” your partner into giving it a try if there is any initial resistance

The first thing you will want to do when you decide to introduce the use of a prostate sex toy into the bedroom is talk to your partner about your own g-spot. Most women enjoy g-spot stimulation, and your partner has likely already helped you by stimulating yours. Describe the intense feelings that this stimulation provides, and mention that it would be great if your partner could feel the same enhanced orgasmic feelings.

From there, you can casually mention that you were reading an article in one of your girly magazines about male g-spot stimulation. Tell your partner that you are surprised that such a thing exists. You don’t need to mention prostate massagers at this point. Your previous conversations about “how great it would be” for him, will help to pique his interest.

From here, you have to tell him that you are pretty sure that he is going to love the experience, and that you are ready to give him the best orgasm of his life. Tell him that when you stimulate the male g-spot that it will result in a more powerful orgasm with thick and plentiful amounts of fluid. Tell him that the process can also result in an orgasm that lasts for as long as two minutes once the two of you perfect the technique.

If he is interested, you can then tell him about the need for the right toys for prostate gland stimulation. You can tell him that you really want to give this a try, because you know it is going to please him more than anything else. Hopefully at this point he is ready to give it a try. You should have established an interest and got him really excited about having this type of orgasm.

At this point, most guys will go for it, especially when you tell them that you have heard about prostate toys designed for the beginner. We recommend you use the Mangasm Alpha or the Rush for the first time.

If your partner resists at this point, you can make a deal with him. In order for this to work, you have to be comfortable receiving anal sex yourself. You can tell him that you really want to give it a try, and that you are positive that he will enjoy it. Tell him that you are so sure about it that you will let him have anal sex with you if he is only willing to give it a try, first.

We have heard from many women who successfully introduced prostate stimulators into the bedroom with this technique. Ultimately, you have to trust that your man knows what he is comfortable with. If he is still unwilling to try at this point, you may just need to let the fantasy die, but the allure of having anal sex with you should be enough to bring prostate toys into the bedroom.