Learning to stimulate the male g spot is a piece of cake

The male g spot is actually the prostate gland. It can be stimulated in pretty much the same way a woman would stimulate her own. There are a number of techniques available, ranging from using your own fingers, having a partner use his or hers, and even toys designed specifically for this purpose. Learning how to properly stimulate the gland can result in orgasms that are legendary, as well as absolutely mind blowing in terms of the pleasure produced.


In this article, you will discover:

  1. How to touch the male g spot properly
  2. How to teach your partner about the male g spot
  3. Using toys to stimulate the male g spot


So, just exactly how do you get started with this type of stimulation, and what will happen when you do? The best way to get started is to use your fingers. When you find the prostate, there will be a wave of pleasure emanating from the gland through your balls and penis. The feeling is very similar to what you feel during an orgasm, although it is turned down.


It feels this way because the prostate is actually responsible for the majority of the feelings experienced during the male orgasm. This gland produces the semen, and when it contracts and pushes out the fluid, it feels really great. Playing with your prostate will feel like you are having a drawn out, light orgasm, and it is really amazing.


You can teach your partner how to stimulate yours rather easy. Make sure you learn how to do it on your own, first. From there, you can simply request that he or she lube up the fingers and put them inside of you. When you do this, you will want to be very vocal so that they know when they are doing it right. Make sure to tell them not to use too much pressure. It is not better to use more force when stimulating the prostate. You also want to prepare them for the large orgasm that you are going to have so that they aren’t surprised with a mouthful of more jizz than they can swallow.


The best way to stimulate your prostate is with a toy. You can find toys designed specifically for the purpose. Hop on over to the Mangasm website to take a look at a few of the toys that they have available. You will notice how they appear to be different from traditional vibrators. This is because the shape of the anal cavity and the location of the g spot is very different than the shape of the vagina and the female g spot. You wouldn’t want to use a hammer to put in a screw, would you? That’s the same idea behind using the right toy to stimulate your prostate.


When you lube up one of these toys and push it inside, the bulbous tip will put a mild amount of pressure on the prostate, stimulating it immediately. It is common for many guys to simply insert the toy and leave it there while masturbating, although the pleasure derived from learning how to maneuver your toy will be far greater than leaving it dormant.


When you get your toy, make sure to clean it before and after each use, and only use the lube recommended by the manufacturer. This will keep the toy in good shape far longer than if you neglected it.


Finding the male g spot is a pleasure, and once you have found yours you will be able to experience orgasms that are far better than what you are used to.